A data alchemist can transform raw data into next best actions.

Like many other species, Homo sapiens does not like change. However, over time he has been able to adapt to his environment like no other before him, from the Stone Age to the post-industrial era.

By extension, so-called “legal” persons often advocate a change in customer behaviors, but find it difficult to reorganize themselves when the situation requires it… Between Summer 2020 and January 2021, Swiss-based Calyps underwent a perilous exercise of self-questioning, before making its transformation definitely happen and communicating its corporate mission.

From data alchemy to digital transformation

With the advent of the Internet, data has become the “oil of the 21st century” and…

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After a podcast on the Best Before Date, I wanted to get back to sales fundamentals and negotiations with retailers. No matter what some craft brewers say — few are for it, but many won’t be able to do without — the democratization of craft beer has passed through the placement on store shelves.

Every year in June, there is a moment that “sales reps” or “key accounts” of your favorite breweries prepare even better than summer: the annual meeting with beer category buyers, whose double-digit growth only swears by Craft (in Europe at least). For how much longer?

The more beers you place, the more you sell. Really?


A chronicle of audio content transformation

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk

As a radio passionate from the early 00s, this sentence has often sounded weird, but sacred to me.

From FM to online radio

Let me give you a bit of a context: in 2001, we launched our first electronic radio show on FM university radio Fréquence Banane. Simply called UZIC, it became a local webradio in 2014, broadcasting various styles of electronic music — from heavy techno to fancy house or alternative jungle. Believe me or not, our first music podcasts (erased from iTunes since then, due to authors rights) was launched in 2005, a bit before those of Swiss national radio Couleur3. At its…

Dans leur congrès annuel de 1884, les syndicats américains choisirent la date du 1er mai pour instaurer le moving day: beaucoup d’entreprises américaines entamaient ce jour-là leur année comptable et c’est à cette échéance que de nombreux contrats de travail arrivaient à terme, obligeant les ouvriers à déménager pour retrouver du travail.

A l’origine, le 1er mai est une fête instaurée comme journée annuelle de grève pour réduire le temps de travail quotidien à 8 heures. …

Marco Brienza

Someone like anyone: still learning.

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